2018 #1 – #31 Whip – Part 2

Note:  Creation up to this point is documented here The left side of each photo is the 31st whip documented previously in the link above. In this stage you are seeing the 7 strands in a series of half hitches. The peach leather piece is the tail. I am using a bit more leather at […]

2018 #1 – #31 Whip – Part 1

After a few variations of practice I’m doing my first snake whip of the year. I haven’t on the whip naming / counting policy really.  Previously, I had around 14 practice pieces & 30 whips with very poor paper documentation made worse by moving my shop twice. This is really the first of this style […]

Links … whip making

Whip Making If you plan on making more than one whip – you need to skip to the book section & buy Ron Edwards whip making book.  If you want a good looking whip, you should also go and buy Ron Edwards book.  Can’t say enough about it.  I did the first year & a […]