Sharpening Round Knives

The things you learn…Strap with the green paste, 1200 grit diamond stone, 8000 grit diamond stone … soapy solvent as no oil on diamond stones…   Updating:  More generic uses … Reddit on some specific questions I asked – Link Seller of all styles of sharpening tools – Link Everything you need to know for […]

Week #4 – Turks Head

Slotted a second weekly relearn, as week 4 was mostly an incremental improvement of week 3. Rather than trying something new or refresh. This week’s study is a refresh.  I did a series of Turks head knots last year.  Did not touch them much this year.  Turks heads are meant to be pretty knots.  I’m […]

Week #4 – 8 part braid – a finish

This is from the previous week in superior calf lace from Tandy Leather – Link – where I am now trying to finish the key chain off in a loop. The 8 part thing got away from me so far this week, Tuesday & Wednesday I spent probably an hour each day feeding and testing different […]