Conditioning Your Whip: Which Leather Dressing?

Originally posted on The Whip Blog:
Although these are not the only two options, the two types of leather conditioner/dressing pictured to the left are the two most commonly accepted products used for conditioning whips.  Jay-El is another relatively common product, particularly in Australia.  The basic ingredients in Pecards and Fiebing’s are mostly identical, just…

The year of unfulfilled promises – arm bands

I’ve got 12 drafted blog posts sitting in my queue of things I randomly promised … One of them is a set of the weaker scrap burgundy #8 arm bands that I started backing with furniture grade upholstery leather in order to practice using larger thread in a smaller chisel. The project was very problematic.  […]

Amulet / Necklace planning

Amulet stem or bottom to hold the triangle off the collarbone with 6 strands.  Explained in more detail here. Further progression of the stem with 12 parts. Explained in greater detail here. Plans for the top half of the amulet. Prototypes of the top half of the amulet.  These need the stems pictured above worked […]