Amulet / Necklace planning

Amulet stem or bottom to hold the triangle off the collarbone with 6 strands.  Explained in more detail here. Further progression of the stem with 12 parts. Explained in greater detail here. Plans for the top half of the amulet. Prototypes of the top half of the amulet.  These need the stems pictured above worked […]

Pricing: Are you for real?

Originally posted on North Star Leather:
This post is going to be a little different from my standard descriptions of leather and leather qualities; it’s post is intended to explain why some of my wallets and other items are substantially cheaper than other real leather products made in USA.  This will be my ready-made response…

Stitching – some musings

I took up a bit of saddle stitching (not easy running stitch) again & have gotten requests for pricing. Sounds pretty simple, but hard to encompass. Mostly due to all the related expenses like shipping materials, time spent hunting for materials, supplies for treating even the finished hides on the net, reading reviews etc, waste […]