How to Strop a Knife

Originally posted on jeff peachey:
Stropping is a motion which pulls the cutting edge away from a substrate—leather, paper, wood, etc.—perpendicular to the cutting edge, with or without additional compounds. Stropping not only produces a very sharp final edge after sharpening, but it is an easy way to renew a slightly dull edge without having to…

Peachey’s Ten Commandments of Sharpening

Originally posted on jeff peachey:
1. Thou shalt not round the bevel or the back. 2. Thou shalt not use jigs. 3. Thou shalt look at the scratch patterns in the metal. 4. Thou shalt use a bevel angle appropriate for the knife and task. 5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors knife. 6. Thou…

Protecting edges on leather (vegtan)

I’ve been playing around with making good edges for vegtan leather aka bark tan leather. Note: There’s many variations on these techniques & they aren’t even the only ones I’ve used. Simply what I’m learning lately. Head over to Reddit’s Leathercraft for more information on all of these styles – www Techniques to protect your […]

Where do the ridges on shoes come from?

…that spot on the dress shoes.  Just before the leather meets the shoe bottom. You see the stitches meet to hold the shoe together in some designs here.  Othertimes, you see this interesting ridge pattern.  I found an old tool used to do that on Bruce Johnson’s page. Bruce Johnson’s page describes the item as […]