Commercial Whips

The custom whips are a mainstay, but expensive to make – especially the softer goat whips which you have to lay out and cut on the board, rather than a pulling method like with stronger leathers.

In answer to those who ask me for cheaper whips, I’m trying to drop some of the things that violate the “20 / 80 rule”, which says 20% of the effort will get you 80% of the way.  Most people who ask me for lower pricing do not need artisan level whips customized to their height and particular throw styles.

I’m loath to give up the whip within a whip belly system as my own tests back up with is said here by Paul Nolan – Link.

Stream lining the whip process into something for more affordable generic whips …

  • no metal core (the physics of weighted cores is debatable anyways)
  • condition all pieces at the same time
  • condition & dye leather before cutting strands free
  • leave top of strands attached entire time
  • no wrist strap holder
  • cut strands on multi-cutter
  • non tapering strands
  • no hand beveling
  • 4 part strand braid on bellies
  • no constrictor knot holding strands on drops
  • for outer sheath double strand drops simultaneously
  • cut back end off & wrap/glue, nail, wrap/glue  instead of going full turkshead

Improvements pending

  • rolling/runner/guide for strands to condition and dye?
  • beveling jig needs to be made