Whip making – #11 or 12

I did a little 2 foot whip by request for someone.  I did a basic wrap with over under pattern, but we ran out of time due to some poor decisions on both of our parts … don’t ever sit down to a dinner club with a live band & drink 3 or 6 glasses […]

Whip #14 – Orange / Brown goat hide

Goat hide whip #2 (#14 in count) This whip is still under construction.  I have about 20 hours in to it thus far. It has no metal, all leather and artificial sinew. Total length planned is 4-5 feet. The core is a folder piece of leather around 3 strands, then another piece spiral wrapping about […]

Whip #13 – Orange Goat

A light weight experiment Had a few questions come up in the last whip I was making.  The great whip making purists of Australia are forwarding a proposal that a metal or weighted core will actually slow the whip.  This pre-supposes that all whip makers have equal skill & that shortcuts to a proper throw, […]