Whip making – #11 or 12

I did a little 2 foot whip by request for someone.  I did a basic wrap with over under pattern, but we ran out of time due to some poor decisions on both of our parts … don’t ever sit down to a dinner club with a live band & drink 3 or 6 glasses […]

Whip #14 – Orange / Brown goat hide

Goat hide whip #2 (#14 in count) This whip is still under construction.  I have about 20 hours in to it thus far. It has no metal, all leather and artificial sinew. Total length planned is 4-5 feet. The core is a folder piece of leather around 3 strands, then another piece spiral wrapping about […]

Whip #13 – Orange Goat

A light weight experiment Had a few questions come up in the last whip I was making.  The great whip making purists of Australia are forwarding a proposal that a metal or weighted core will actually slow the whip.  This pre-supposes that all whip makers have equal skill & that shortcuts to a proper throw, […]

Whip Making – Bolster Method

So, I recently heard about bolster in a way that makes sense. At first I refused to consider the idea, but when it was pointed out the bolster absorbs the air space between braiding layers and helps prevent friction of the the braids from ruining the whip faster – I really like that idea. To […]