Maker’s marks

I’ve been cruising for a while for a quick way of doing my maker mark symbol. In case you are curious, the “Maker’s Mark” I am referring to is a way of letting everyone know that you or your company made a particular piece of product.  They can get quite fancy for the metal smiths you […]

Sharpening Round Knives

The things you learn…Strap with the green paste, 1200 grit diamond stone, 8000 grit diamond stone … soapy solvent as no oil on diamond stones…   Updating:  More generic uses … Reddit on some specific questions I asked – Link Seller of all styles of sharpening tools – Link Everything you need to know for […]

Stitching / Sewing – thread & pricking irons

  I started with round punches at tandy leather’s shop.  Using their upsized needles. I call them that because there’s some characteristic in the making / measuring of american saddle needles that means the english version is thinner per measurement.  You shave a whole .020103891 mm off the width of the needle in the English […]

Burnishing w/Heat

From reddit‘s rareandsundry … I’ve found most people have their own ways of doing this and I’ve cobbled mine together from a lot of different sources and what works well for me and my process (many thanks to Harry Benz though). I do 5 coats using Vernis wax, beeswax, and paraffin wax. I also use […]

Strap cutters, skivers and cutting tools

Hey guys, I’m writing mainly from the perspective of a beginner in most areas and what I found to be reasonable purchases. I split my time between braid for chokers, whips, etc & straps for my friends whom like recreational hobbies. I do a smattering of carving, saddles, repair stuff. Strap cutters Table top mounted […]