#15 experiment – 3′ practice snake whip & economics

I wasn’t great about documenting these early on in the process & only post about interesting happenings, changes or techniques I’m playing around. Since it’s been roughly 2 years since I did any of the 15-20 practice pieces or 30ish whips, I’m some experiments and practice pieces. Part 1 – Planning Started on 8/11/2018 Lengths:  […]

Conditioning Your Whip: Which Leather Dressing?

Originally posted on The Whip Blog:
Although these are not the only two options, the two types of leather conditioner/dressing pictured to the left are the two most commonly accepted products used for conditioning whips.  Jay-El is another relatively common product, particularly in Australia.  The basic ingredients in Pecards and Fiebing’s are mostly identical, just…

The year of unfulfilled promises – arm bands

I’ve got 12 drafted blog posts sitting in my queue of things I randomly mentioned and people would not mind receiving on the gift side of things … aka free work.  Which I needed for practice or such back then … One of them is a set of the weaker scrap burgundy #8 arm bands […]