Nick’s new snake whip process

Note: this is my notes and take on his process - for my personal use but useful as his comments section is almost unreadable due to high traffic

snake whip current – 3′ –

3 foot snake whip – shot loaded


  • 650 paracord
  • core runs length of whip 3′


  • 41″ of core (adjusting for 3/8th loss from bb’s
  • 1st belly – 8 plat – 2 x 5.5′, 1 x 4′, 1 x 2.5′
  • 2nd belly – 10 plat – 2 x 8.5′, 1 x 6′, 1 x 5′, 1 x 3.25′
  • overlay – 2 x 11′, 1 x 10′, 1 x 7.5′, 1 x 6′, 1 x 4.75′, 1 x 3.5′, 1 x 2′
  • add 1″ to all lengths to allow chopping off the back for handle foundation?
  • newer makers should add 2″ to account for their not braiding as tight?

Process Changes

  • Core
    • 16″ do sinew to seal in bb’s as stopper
    • artificial sinew to stopper bb’s, lashing with constrictor knot on each end of it
    • wrap in electric tape to water seal like 3 to 5″ farther
    • firm artifical sinew 6″  & go back up, then down again firm, not more than taunt each time
    • tie off in lashing with constrictors at either end
  • 1st Belly
    • plait past the bb filled section
    • drop once past bb section of core, 1.5 to 2″ for the first two
      • plait full rotation past (6 in this case) to hold taunt
      • pull once with plyer’s, cut, heat seal
    • plait 6 beyond if haven’t
    • leave one full 3′ long, cut slantedother 5 every two inches or whatever even separates this out
    • bind first 6″ with sport tape, leave couple inches longer and spiral that down too
    • artifical sinew up, down over eletric tape
    • roll belly
  • 2nd belly
    • plait till end of first shortest strand (or 2″ less if you added length for safety)
    • plait full pass (9 now)
    • tighten that dropped strand
    • drop 2nd shortest strand
    • plait full pass (8 now)
    • plait 3rd strand, which should be ending
    • plait 4th strand, which should be ending
    • do not braid the last 4
    • use artificial sinew going down with quarter inch spacing firm, but not taunt
    • sinew up forming x’s
    • 7″ artificial sinew to make lashing per Bernie W., slide down their loop and taunt, clip hanging end of lashing
    • use pliers to pull taunt on each strand then cut and melt them, push against belly
    • apply hockey tape about 4″, don’t add extra – no pressure or tightness
    • artificial sinew 2/3 of inch spacing down about 8 to 10″ down
    • sinew up forming x’s
    • 7 loops around top overlapping them somewhat, clip it and press it down (no knot needed as foundation knot will hold tight
    • roll it
  • overlay
    • 4 strands with knots to mark middle in loop around
    • loosen, then shove remaining 4 strands through to knots marking half way point
    • begin harringbone braid
    • drop first strand
      • when 3″ left on shortest strand pull it taunt, then center on front of whip facing you, plait past and over it
      • plait 10 past
      • pull strand we dropped till it barely starts to move up top at the drop point
      • once it moves, pull the one just below it taunt to hold dropped strand taunt (might have to pull on it from strand half way up it’s round)
      • plait at least 4 more strands over
      • cut strand with slant
      • melt
      • rub it into belly
    • 2nd strand should drop shortly, repeat steps for first
    • repeat till 6 strands to drop 6th – how do we know?
      • when dropping 6th we use it as core alongside original core
    • when we get to point to drop 5th strand – how to we know?
      • we pull 6th which is core taunt & snipe, no melting
      • 5th strand becomes new 2nd core
    • plait down 4 strands till 6 to 8″?
    • fall
      • 4′ push through self with permalock leaving 3′ total length
      • slide loop over 4 strands of overlay
      • plait complete pass (4 strands)
      • half hitch around back loosely and pointing down with each of 4 strands
      • last one should be super tight
      • permalock needle on last strand and feed up through fall hitchings made by other 3 half hitches
      • pull loop down somewhat
      • tighten down other 3 strands
      • firmly pull loop down again
      • tighten all 3 strands except 4th down
      • tighten 4th strand up
      • trim them an inch from hitching
      • seal with lighter
    • return to handle
      • reinforce with more wraps of sinew
      • hockey tape
      • cut lumpy top of handle off
      • trim loose bits
      • heal seal them all
    • roll whip
    • make to handle knot
      • neopreme 22mm width for heel knot foundation
      • use bit of tape or sinew to pull neopreme together to touch
      • tighten down with sinew wraps solidly all the way around
      • staple gun or wire nails to hold knot foundation on
      • disk of paracord at 1:13:00
        • snake coil of paracord
        • hot glue foundation knot ending
        • apply paracord
      • prep surface
        • reinforce staples and build up the foundation with artificial sinew
        • one layer of hockey tape over it
        • wrap artificial sinew layered across hockey tape
      • decorate handle with a knot
        • roll handle after
    • wax in water in roaster at 1:37:00
      • parafin wax at 200 degrees
      • sits 5 minutes till not bubbling
      • soak up excess with two paper towel wads or such to squeeze back into the tube of wax

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