Sliding knot over two braided leather cords

This is the relatively quick and dirty way of having a knot can be slid along two pieces of cord or leather.

We are using a 4 bight Turks Head Knot (THK).  I use about a foot or 12 inches of leather for each knot.

We use a THK as it maintains shape without the use of glue, metal, sewing etc.  The standard version of this knot would normally unravel over time.  We are going to strength it by following the same pattern a second time.  This makes it ‘stuffed’, but is not tightened down or clamped down on the two cords it will hold – preventing them from moving or adjusting the size of the necklace.

Note:  This is a cheat sheet for my personal use.  If you want to use it – most of this is from ‘Fine Leather Braiding’ by David Morgan, page 104 – this will visually make the most sense if you purchase the book, read “Project 2” for comprehension & then use my work here as a cheat sheet.

Pass 1

  • Place the two braids together
  • Tie the cords together with some temporary lashing / tape both above and below where the knot will go to make your life easier
  • With the right hand loop the strand a little loosely around the two braids
  • Hold the strand a little loosely around the back of the braids and back to the starting point, where it crosses itself to complete this pass.

Pass 2

  • Put the second pass below the first pass
  • Then above the first pass
  • Then under the loose end of the first pass

Note:  The this pass now crosses over the first pass twice on its way around the knot.

Pass 3

The previous pass 2 created two new places to weave the strand through

  • Put the this pass over the start of the second pass
  • Then under the first pass
  • Then over the later part of the second pass
  • Then under the last part of the first pass

Half way done

Note:   The knot is done but not beefy enough to hold itself together, nor can we just tighten enough to survive as then it wouldn’t slide.

  • Put the running strand of the lace through on top of the first pass. Just follow exactly over the top of the knot you finished now.
  • When you get to the loose end, go over instead of under it for this one.

Thoughts on finishing the leather knots

Trim the endings to fit your needs, but leave enough that as the leather stretches the ends are not so short they unravel.

Most leather braiding gets rolled to make it look smooth, do not roll the knots for sliding styles or pound them smooth as it will prevent the leather from sliding along.

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