The year of unfulfilled promises

One probably 15~ish jobs I mildly said I would take on to some degree or another & payments became an issues.  This one went over time estimated for cost.  It’s too long for close up photos, which makes photos of the length of it ‘meh’.  I’ve tried many times with the whips to take shots of even shorter at full extension and you just have to shrug about it.

Another stitch job on arm bands.  Blue goat with a soft vegtan on the back.  1″ x 22″.

Needs a spray on wax coat I think still, but done otherwise.

It’s a cinch style.  Originally did these at 2″ wide by 16″ for a guy who wanted supportive type straps on his arms when doing curls … no idea if it actually helps in general or something with him personally that he was dealing with …

Time-wise this piece would cost $60.  The gent said that’s not acceptable and I gave him back the down deposit, as I knew I could find a purpose for it once finished.  I think he wrongly expect a thinner band to be cheaper than the thicker – without expressing that to me – bad communication on both of our parts.

It ran me almost double in time as the number of stitches was the biggest cost when they are hand done in saddle stitch for strength.  Without doing any edging, burnishing, sanding, gum of tragacanth, grinding, edge painting etc.

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