Card holder wallet

Walnut horween hide 3rd …

Day 1:

Spent 4 – 8 hours working out the pattern by hand and testing on the belly leather that was too stretchy.  Had split part of time with reading up on doing more along with the mini wrap around sleeve also pictured here.

Note these pictures of Day 1 don’t reflect additions or the restarting of one panel.


Net result of the night was pattern sized and cut for the 2nd wallet…


Day 2:

Spent 3 – 4 hours fitting, restarting a chunk, skiving edges and thinning leather on my leather splitter.  Gluing the main piece together in prep for stitching process.


Day 3:

Spent 5 – 6 hours sanding edges, punching stitching holes, labeling the initials, highlighting them, applying gum of tragacanth, buffing edges.  Edge painting main piece.



Day 4:

Wax application spray.  Buffing of wax finish and actual stitching day begins.


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