2018 #1 – #31 Whip – Part 2

Note:  Creation up to this point is documented here

The left side of each photo is the 31st whip documented previously in the link above.

In this stage you are seeing the 7 strands in a series of half hitches.

The peach leather piece is the tail.

I am using a bit more leather at this point in total quantity than you would normally see in terms of thickness by width.  Unavoidable with the start point of the whip body for the design.  I had to strip the whip back, skim off some of the thickness on each strand and then apply more grease to allow me to make the knots necessary.

In a traditional attachment of the tail, each half knot would ride over and wrap the previous knots free end.  In the left picture #31 on the left you can see only 5 strands are free.

The top two knots are enclosed completely under the third, then the third knot’s strand is free floating.  The fourth knot is also free floating.  Knot #5’s free end is under knot #6, knot #7 secures both knot #5 & knot #6’s tails.

When I go back, I be cleaning up the top end which is a bit loose.  Then I will be cleaning up the knot layout so that each knot’s tail is held securely by 2 other knots until the bottom.

I haven’t decided if it’s worth dying the whip fall (peach leather) yet, as this is the part that would drag on the ground or through the grass with careless users & only an oil dye will suffice for any moisture.  That limits my colors to matte black, brown or tan basically.  There are a few more but nothing matching the finish you see on this whip.

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