Tight Plaiting

Noreast Whips Blog

100_0292_00 When I began building whips, I followed the mantra, “Plait loose, pull tight.” I believed that it wasn’t possible to pull too tightly, & that you could always pull tighter. After building hundreds of whips & plaiting thousands of feet, I’ve come to some different thoughts on the subject of plaiting. Some people may disagree with me & that’s fine. In fact, many improvements I’ve made in my own whipmaking, & life in general, is by doing things a bit differently. After all, if we all did everything exactly the same, where would be the diversity? Things would be pretty boring.

I believe that the tightness of plaiting is relative to the material you’re working with, whether it be nylon, polyester, kangaroo or cowhide. Most of my whips are built of nylon, but I’ve made many leather whips. I’ve also broken many strands of leather, both kangaroo & cowhide. Was…

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