The Historic Edward H. Cooley Collection of Whips

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For those in whip history or collecting old whips, MidWestWhips is honored to have been chosen to broker the sale of an incredible collection of whips from the 1950’s and 60’s from the Edward H. Cooley Collection. The web pages for the whips is now live at:

The collection includes a variety of 28 whips by Cecil Henderson, Zairs, Austral Enterprises (David Morgan), and more…

Even if you aren’t interested in bidding or purchasing any of the whips from the collection, you may be interested in having a look at the pictures which include whips that range from 4 plait all the way up to fancy 2 tone 36 plait with patterns and name braiding. There is also a bullneck (no “swing belly” swell) stockwhip, and a 24 plait bullwhip that is plaited entirely in checkerboard!  We have also put up scans of some documents from the collection…

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