Stitching – some musings

I took up a bit of saddle stitching (not easy running stitch) again & have gotten requests for pricing.

Sounds pretty simple, but hard to encompass.

Mostly due to all the related expenses like shipping materials, time spent hunting for materials, supplies for treating even the finished hides on the net, reading reviews etc, waste from leather that was not suitable & can’t be re-purposed etc …

Today though the musing will be on time spent stitching.

40″ x 1″ square of leather ~ 4-5oz thick sealed together with tandy leather adhesive.

That’s 82″ of leather at 9 stitches per inch or 738 stitches.

It took me about 5 hours & 40 minutes or 400 minutes with the 1.2mm thread (over sized for the holes, but by client request).

While I don’t charge per stitch, its a decent predictor to how long a project will take.  That number with the over sized thread is 738 / 400 or ~1.85 minutes per stitch.

That’s about all the practice I’ve had recently, so perhaps I get faster.20180122_094114.jpg

Here’s a comparison of something from a couple years back for fun.  Keep in mind the left has spent considerable time wrapped around someone’s arm so the leather doesn’t take kindly to being flattened.  Also, the right side hasn’t had it’s thread compressed with a soft mallet or rollers along with needing the edge treatment & conditioning to the entire thing …


The strap on the right, which I just completed took significantly longer with it’s 1mm thread jammed in the seiwa chisel’s 9mm tines.

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