Whip Terminology (Part 2): Internal Construction of Whips

The Whip Blog

Whip Terminology Part One covered some basic terms used to describe the external appearance of finished whips, and Part Three will cover the different styles of whips out there.  But here in Part Two we will focus our attention completely on the internal construction of whips, and the terminology associated with it.

First, let me say that no two whipmakers construct their whips exactly alike, and when finding a well-made whip it is partially up to the consumer to ask the right questions about the insides of the whip, and partially up to the whipmaker to truthfully and clearly explain to their customers what is inside their whips.  Knowing what is inside a whip is important because a whip’s insides are just as important to the overall performance and durability of the whip as its outside appearance.

Let’s start with a few basic terms, and to give a visual of…

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