High Heel Tutorial – Cover a Heel

So many great tips! Covering the heels you make…this guy is a master (obviously – he’s one of the biggest on the internet)

Shoes and Craft


This is something essential, you need to learn for a ‘simple’ pump. Simple things are the most difficult sometimes, but if you are aware of some easy rules, you don’t need to be afraid – this is a piece of cake. I remember when I was 15, working on my first pegged construction, my master worked on a heel like this. In those times we did not only study shoemaking, but ‘steal the craft’ as they said – learn as much as we could, watching the older ones, even if they did not explained. Luckily he was OK to share this with me, so beside enjoying the first pegged welt attachment, I had an eye on a heel. This is the way I was taught and I do. You might find it pretty handy.

This is what we are looking for. Do you realize the front perfectly matching? This is…

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