Workspace setup

So I took the 10cubed challenge some time back.  Minus the bed & my business – I fit everything I owned indoors into a 10 x 10 x 10′ space.

I saw someone’s awesome layout on this blog – with advice – LinkLink

Some things I loved!:

  • wine cork holding sewing needles and such
  • The traveling case in the next link under that – Link
  • One user’s desk curved around their seat essentially
  • Use of the vertical

Some brain storms:

  • I don’t have a permanent place, so I would like use these – Link to go straight up vertical.  Then tie a tool roll to them at different levels to hold my tools.  I could theoretically make my own – but I’d never be able to match the cost & the prestige of having designed my own tool roll doesn’t really matter to me.
  • If I anchor the bottom of the roll & then let the top hang a bit more loosely, I can create an incline in which the tool heads point directly at me.  This would allow me to see which are which & allow multiple levels of tool rows (space efficiency).  A strap or paracord along the top would be enough, but the bottom would need a board or such to perch on unless I put whole (weakening the tool roll) to get the incline. Harbor fright16_4_10, 19_4_$14ArtRoll, 20_4_5 (light weight though).
  • Foot board anchor for my braiding to allow good pulls or a simple bar at the back of the desk to brace my foot enough and anchor to the desk top near the back with standard anchor.

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