Cheap boot handmaid process


Top portion

  • Glue is applied to the lining only were it is to intersect with the ankle of the boot.
  • A lining, the part of the boot that goes to the top of knee & the leather that goes over the ankle, toes and tucks under is sewn on except for the portion that meets the sole of the boot.
  • This section near the ankle.  An extremely heavy hammer and an anvil are used to pound down the sewed seams flat.
  • The portion upper portion is then sewn to itself but only the ankle upwards a few inches.
  • A pair of pliers is used to stretch the leather below the ankle portion all the away around so it meets the soles better.
  • The top is placed around a shoe model and secured with nails/tacks around the back of the heel (starting from center back and slowly working around till just over half the heel is tacked down.  The stretched inch portion hanging down freely.
  • That free hanging part is then skived of the lining.
  • The now skived portion is glued and wrapped down around to meet the inner sole.
  • Then all creases or folds are then skived flat.
  • The skived around around the inner sole is then chiseled down even smoother.
  • Glue is then applied everywhere along the sole.
  • A foam/cork/rubber or just a ready sole with heel in place is glued down.
  • No stitching connects the sole to boot in this version.


Interestingly they have straps around the ankle, but they do not go under the sole, a screw driver is used to tuck them just under the edge

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