Week #4 – Turks Head

Slotted a second weekly relearn, as week 4 was mostly an incremental improvement of week 3. Rather than trying something new or refresh.

This week’s study is a refresh.  I did a series of Turks head knots last year.  Did not touch them much this year.  Turks heads are meant to be pretty knots.  I’m sure someone had a real need & use for them practically, but for the purposes these days they are decorative or maybe add a good hand grip depending on your materials.  They look pretty because the loose ends meet at a certain point and are tucked or woven back in to the knot at the same location.  Giving the knot strength enough to hold together even if removed from what ever it is wrapped around.


  • 3 mm black superior calf leather from Tandy Leather ~2′ in length
  • 6 x 5 style turkshead – which means there are 6 rows if you count & 5 bends / v’s / turns where the knot changes directions at the ends.

These pictures are the framework.  The knot still need needs to be tightened down to actually grip properly.  I left my other fid (the thing this is wrapped around) at home, so I will not be tightening it down.  Obviously, I took the wrong starting method.  Then I had a legitimate mistake besides not being able to remember how to start this knot 🙂

Here’s another after gently rolling with a bit of water to help them keep the shaping.

Post rolling with a bit of water to help it hold the shape.


If you want to tie  your own knots … Link

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