Week #4 – 8 part braid – a finish

This is from the previous week in superior calf lace from Tandy Leather - Link - where I am now trying to finish the key chain off in a loop.

The 8 part thing got away from me so far this week, Tuesday & Wednesday I spent probably an hour each day feeding and testing different ways to finish – losing most of the 8″ of spare ending I had in the process.  I really liked the Turks head 4 part terminal knot – which I did by holding the leather in pairs to take it from 8 into 4 parts.  It unfortunately left my key chain very long.  Like 30″ long.  Then I decided to feed it into itself to make a key chain loop.  I had not realized it would take a different finishing pattern than my 4 part diamond braids.

From the previous week’s notes:


I measure out 72″ per strand.  With four strands total or 4 x 3mm wide strands x 72″ long strands, then folded them in half around the key ring before braiding.  That gave me 8 strands x 3 mm wide x 36″ strands.  I stopped at about 17″ or 18″ of 8 part braided up, then with 18″ of free strand.  Which means I lost about 18″ or to make my 8 part work.

In finishing the non-key ring end:

  1. I first tried to feed in the loop to itself with a diamond braid and quickly realized it didn’t match.  Since I did a herringbone or Over 2, Under 2 (O2U2) pattern when braiding it.
  2. I had to reverse that out.
  3. Then I followed the O2U2 when feeding the strands into themselves too. For two passes.
  4. On the third pass, I buried the ends by going under 3, then pulling them tight before sniping and allowing the braiding it passed under to cover the end.
  5. Did some minor hand rolling to only the portion where I fed the strands in to the weave, as it’s got a pretty square shape that I’m liking.

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