Whip #14 – Orange / Brown goat hide

Goat hide whip #2 (#14 in count)

This whip is still under construction.  I have about 20 hours in to it thus far.

  • It has no metal, all leather and artificial sinew.
  • Total length planned is 4-5 feet.
  • The core is a folder piece of leather around 3 strands, then another piece spiral wrapping about half of the core.
  • The 1st belly is just over 2 oz brown goat hide with 4 strands.
  • The 2nd belly is orange 2oz or just under goat hide with 8 strands in herringbone pattern.
  • The sheath is 10 strands in goat till about half way, with some black zora in there too.

My last whip was stolen before completion a couple months back.  With the scrap / trash leather from the hides I had left, I managed to get enough strands to do a second whip.  Unfortunately with my best cuts gone already, I had to be extra careful / slow to not tear the weak goat hide and the second whip took longer than the first!

The first 3 pictures are pre-rolling, the last two are after rolling it into shape.  Its been about a month since I finished the braid & I haven’t done the handle knot – time at home is limited!

The photo’s on the second two aren’t great, but in one of them you can see how trashy the goat hide chunks I had left were.  It was a good experiment though to redo the whip and improve my process.