“That Whip Guy” of Olympic College

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Synthetic and Supersonic

[Editor’s Note: The following article is a follow-up on the bullwhip ban at Olympic College last year. I asked Mr. Harris to write an article about his experience because I thought it would be of interest to most whip enthusiasts. Many of us were dismayed at the situation and wrote the college president in support of him. This is no way meant as an attempt to rekindle the issue, but for Jason to be able to share his experience with our community. I appreciate Jason taking the time to share his experience with us.]

Hello. Let me introduce myself. I’m That Whip Guy. No, no. Not ‘The’ Whip Guy – the venerable Chris Camp. JasonWhipPicNo, my name is Jason Harris. Early in 2013 I ended up at the center of a small controversy surrounding a bullwhip, a local college, and me at the center of it.

Yeah, That…

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