On repairing soles of shoes …

That we do.

HOWEVER, Barge won’t stick to a few types of material, natural gum rubbers, anything that says oil-resistant or chemical resistant etc. The barge will seem like its sticking, then the whole thing will peel off.

If the new sole is a crepe/eva sole, and the previous material is also that sort of material, Barge, Masters etc. will be fine.

So what do you use if your local cobbler won’t touch it and its one of these rubbers? Well, Renia Ortek glue + the appropriate Renia Primer will stick most any sole.

I have also heard that if you torch the oil resistant materials a bit you can prep the surface enough for barge.

In a similar tough spot putting an extended steel shank into the sole of a work boot, I used a CA accelerant on the base of the boot, then used CA and a business card to spread it around, and Stuck them together. As far as I know that held, although the shank limited the flexibility in the sole to basically nill, so I dont’ know if the CA would hold in a more flexible application.

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