Tutorial: How to Tie a New Fall Hitch (4 Plait Point)

Really detailed set of repairs by some of the better makers out there!

The Whip Blog

RSZ4PlaitFall21Tying a fall hitch from scratch as this tutorial shows is generally only necessary if you’re a whipmaker who is finishing a whip or if you are a whip owner whose whip has loose or broken strands at its point.  If you are a whip owner who needs a fall replaced but the fall hitch and the strands just before the fall hitch at the point are intact and still tightly and smoothly sitting in next to each other, there is a MUCH easier way to replace your fall.  We plan to very soon also post a shorter tutorial for that easier method, but since we had this particular whip in for a fall replacement and full point repair just recently, now seemed as good a time as any to go ahead and create the tutorial for a full re-tying of a fall hitch.

Many people choose to send their…

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