Repairs: Re-Tying a Snake’s Head Fall Hitch

The Whip Blog

PreRepairSnakeHeadRSZOver to the right is a picture of another whipmaker’s work we received recently for a repair.  This snake whip was originally finished with a snake’s head fall hitch, but as you can see the whip arrived with no fall or hitch – just an 8 plait point taped together to keep it from unraveling any farther.

The owner of this snake whip wanted us to tie a new snake’s head hitch and replace the fall.  Below is a picture of the repair completed.

Snakeheadrepair1The snake’s head hitch is a relatively uncommon decorative hitch, though certainly not unheard of, and its roots go back to traditional craftsmen in Australia at least a small handful of generations ago.  Although it’s a little bit more of a challenge to hold everything tight and steady, it is possible to replace the fall on this style of hitch in the same way as you…

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