How to Tell What Plait Number a Whip Is

This is way easier than some of the other tricks I’ve been hearing about!

The Whip Blog

First of all, when someone says a whip is a certain plait count, they’re talking about the number of strands a whip is braided with at its widest point.  A whip that starts its braiding with 16 strands at the beginning will probably end up at its thinnest point being braided with only 6-8 strands.  That whip would be called a 16 plait whip, even though only probably half or less of the whip is actually 16 plait.  As the whip thins, the whipmaker will “drop” strands into the whip’s core, underneath the overlay, so that the whip can taper down to a smaller diameter.

So in order to discover how what plait count any particular whip is, try to measure it as close to the largest diameter section of the whip as you can.

Method #1

SeamsFind the spot on the whip with the largest diameter that has the…

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