Such a beautiful mind …

My goodness, this woman is absolutely amazing … From Wired Magazine online … Link

Amanda Palmer on the Internet:

“I can’t hate a human being in a room. I actually find it impossible to despise anybody, because all I do is look at this flesh-and-blood human being and see them and all of their hopes and fears and flaws, and I can’t help but love them, even if they’ve slagged me or reviewed me badly. And I think that’s true of everybody. And the thing that makes the Internet so difficult is we don’t get to have that experience of one another’s humanity. We’re so two-dimensional on the Internet that it makes it really easy to lash out, really easy to act sanctimonious, really easy to see things in black and white, even when we know, intellectually, that things are way more subtle, way more complicated, way more multi-dimensional. And if I’ve learned anything from living pretty much half-time on the Internet for the past 15 years, as a full-time connector and communicator and social media user, I think the challenge is to remember that behind every single piece of binary code is a flesh-and-blood human being.”

I wish I saw the world this beautifully everyday … these view points are important balance for me, when it seems like all the crummy things, domestic (adult & child), random acts of violence and ideologues ignore facts in order to further their hidden agendas.

I have no problem loving our beautiful world and in person, I love the Buddhist philosophy of connecting or understanding people via their suffering and hurt – some days it just feels like there are certain people whom the world would be better off without and those days I need the beautiful minds of people like Amanda Palmer.

EDIT:  Part of the context, I’ve met both of them as they have local roots at various points & things like this shine through in both of their personalities.

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