Stitchless Scandi Sheath by Juha Nikki


nordiska knivar

Here is the stitchless tuppi tutorial by Juha Nikki that was promised in last week’s post. This is something that I’ve wanted to feature here for quite some time and I thank Juha for the hard work and effort it took to create this post.  The knife he is showing here was made for a reindeer herder to use for marking the ears of his reindeer.

I hope you enjoy watching him create this sheath as much as I did, it’s an ingenious piece of work!

Stitchless sheath

I’ve finally got around to making a proper tutorial for constructing a “stitchless scandi sheath”, after lots of folks requested instructions for it. First of all, a note. This kind of a seam is not my idea. I saw a photo of a sheath with a similar type seam a couple of years ago. It was only the one photo, and I…

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