How to build up your business [more]…

Pouring over some how to build your business articles.  Some verge on repetitive, but there are many different points of view.  Some take aways …

  • The know your audience and what they value is a pretty big first step, one article said that you should know the way to reach whomever you want and that in the metropolitan regions, there are social groups that organize around just about everything.
  • I like when one said that advertising in ads/commercials/etc is just one smaller part of marketing.  They state that the more local you get the, easier to advertise meaningfully.  Though, there are several inventive ways to get your advertising for free.
  • AS the next publication period approaches, if they have empty space, many publishers will discount their ad space.
  • One article stated that you should always question the method of the advertiser if you are paying for it, to ensure you will actually hit the area you need/want.
  • Your advertiser if a company will often have good insights on their audience that they will provide for free to get you purchasing ads from them.

Get online:  facebook, yelp, google place/market/plus, twitter, have a signature on emails

Upload to free online directories, create listings

Good business deal listing

Work a charity event or make one

Word of mouth with deals or freebies or referals get some

Team up with businesses that do complimentary things

Host seminars, workshops etc

Offering advice via blogs

Memorable phone number that does words related to your business

Setup an amazon/ebay/etsy/shopify/overstock seller account, to drive business to your webpage … though in reading more, I see that some of these companies forbid linking back to your website.

From the web …

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