Real business stuff…

There are so many little things I need to get out of the way.

Let’s list:

From the real world…

  • Find accountant to run my books
  • Enter my company start date to the booking software
  • Spot check all my receipts since that date
  • Enter them in a book or the booking software – which ever account will use
  • Get more organizers for various odds and ends of leather which are not organized
  • Document previous projects and store the used blue prints / prototypes in separate but identifiable containers
  • Earmark a scrap bin of leather not being kept for purpose anymore
  • Brainstorm ways of using scrap leather
  • Start my winter pendants prototype & finalize the design
  • Name this line and maybe get a cool description flow chart for suffix’s and prefixes … along the lines of the items in World of Warcraft?
  • Find a decal for my company maker’s mark … or get a scancode for

From online…

  • blavatars…or wordpress’s version of web icon option in html…
  • facebook page attached to this here?
  • blogsphere that links to here?
  • imugr linking here?
  • tumblr linking here?
  • wiki this thing?
  • create for my size adjustable locked position clasp design

From current projects…

  • too many to even list..for a start…
  • prototype the eyepatches
  • prototype hip bags for fest
  • add on black trim and the extra frogging for the current baldric/frogger
  • prototype stage 3 of the kilt bag sporran straps with nylon reinforcement & backplate to prevent snags
  • finish one for Terry
  • maybe weave a paracord braid for the sporran
  • add to black & steel project, +3 strands, a cube/block to seal strands in
  • finish one to sell and make project $ back
  • finish birthday gift for bobbye
  • 2nd prototype for bobbye
  • bracelet idea with ring built over it
  • bracelet idea with ring built in it, so ring over top and two bands securing under wrist
  • look into ankle sizing

Tandys Items

  • bring in copy of business email from state of Minnesota with my tax id # on it
  • find red thread #11210-07
  • have tandy look into my stand alone puncher going bad after only ~40 punches
  • octopus #8674-00
  • skeleton #8671-00
  • brass aged rivets for antique look #1278-15

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