Sites I’m keeping in mind

Outdoor sites:

Forum for selling or buying booths:

MN State fair lists their attendance in 2014 at ~1,900,000 people for August 21st till September 1st. That’s a week and a half with a minimum of ~90,000 people a day and 250,000 people on one day.  See here.  Word of mouth puts the State fair’s start booths around ~5,000 + another $500 for fees etc & then an additional $1,500 if you use to brand the MN state fair logo on your products.

MN Shakopee’s Renaissance Festival’s update for 2013, posted in 2014 (here) or shown below.  They claim to have ~300,000 attendee’s per year.  I sent an email requesting the end of the year attendance to compare to this year of state fair.  Update:  Request denied, a nameless soul in “media relations” replied just stated that they are a privately held company and only publish their yearly average which is 300,000.

((Removed Picture of details and pdf of how to get in as a vendor at Renaissance Festival))

Links to other fairs:

County fair list:  (here)

Taste of Minnesota:  (here)

  • ~200,000 in st. paul (here)  & ~15,000 attendees paid in waconia (here) where it was moved at the last minute due to flooding of the normal location.

Convergence:  (here)

  • 6,000 people is the website listed number, but from closing ceremonies past, I know the number to reach into the 7,000’s.

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