A real company!

*Insert Excited Noises here*

I was checking out something today and noticed my google results brought me up as the 8th link down on the second page when involving my search name: “madidos leather”

The hit was one that I did not intend to go public, but still interesting.  It is from several months after I officially formed my company, but the paper that I used to get the MN Tax ID number must have had issues publishing and redid it at a later point.

It serves to remind me, that this will all be visible and I should probably go ahead and find good pictures to post up and then link to etsy etc for the actual things I’m doing…once I find something I really want to specialize in…its like trying to decide what I’m going to do for a career all over again – I still don’t know!!

The real reason I made the company was because, I needed more tools to start crafting quality items and I got a better price for those tools at the Tandys Leather store.  If anyone is reading this and knows of other leather suppliers with good rates, please let me know too!  I’m always looking for low cost leather to cut/stitch/die in testing, which equates to ruining when you are making new designs!

So cheers to a new real company hitting the web 🙂