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Whip Making

If you plan on making more than one whip – you need to skip to the book section & buy Ron Edwards whip making book.  If you want a good looking whip, you should also go and buy Ron Edwards book.  Can’t say enough about it.  I did the first year & a half the hard way.  I wasted a year easily.  Here’s the other sources I used for learning whips.

Online step by step tutorials

Online video’s

  • Bernie26 aka Bernie Wojcicki of EM Whips – Link – Bernie does excellent if long videos on the complete process of making kangaroo hide whips.
  • Nick’s Whips – Link –  He does both nylon & leather whips.


  • Ron Edwards – How to make whips 2nd Edition – this is probably the best single source for making a whip.  If you only get one book, this is it.  Even the legend David Morgan (Indiana Jones original whip maker) sells this book.  Both in his breadth, covering all the styles he knows of & details down to how to tie knots or do decorative handle words.
  • David Morgan – Braiding Fine Leather; Techniques of the Australian Whipmakers – This book is a great supplement & in detail look at more styles of braiding.


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